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Ready to sail in their Drakars, the Scandinavian warriors enjoy a last feast in the lugubrious lands of the Jarl. Mead is flowing from decanters, songs are echoing in the forests, and all these wild souls share a single dream: having a seat at the Valhalla–to celebrate eternity with their ancestors and Odin. Join the party by lighting this candle and let the fresh scent of oak, pine and wildflower, with a subtle touch of sweet honey, fill the air.


NOTES : Pine, oak, wildflowers, honey

  • -Handpoured in Brittany, France

    -High quality soy wax and cotton wicks

    -CMR free fragrance oils

    -High standard glass and lid

    -Cruelty free


  • Burn no longer than 2-3 hours at a time.

    Always trim the wick to 2.5mm before using. After use, cover with lid. 

    Safety first.

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