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I am Louis, the creator of Glaewyr. I love movies, video games, and books, so I wanted to design an item for all the lovers of nerdy and pop culture themes. The candle was perfect for me: they allow, in a sense, to be transported into another universe as soon as we light the wick.

I believe that every day we all must do our best to help the planet become a better place and that it is important to take care of ourselves. To me, we have to focus on quality rather than quantity. That's why I pour each candle with premium soy & coconut wax and use healthier oils, without CMR & Paraben.  


I want to offer the best possible experience, and all suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Is there a universe that you would like me to add to the collection?

Or maybe you would like a perfume to be modified to better represent a book that you adore?

I hope that by listening to your tastes and opinions, I can help you find the ideal atmosphere.


Wishing you all the best,


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